Sr. Technical/Business Writer and Books

Scott Benfield has been a business writer and researcher since starting his firm. He has written regular columns for Supply House Times, TED Magazine, and Industrial Supply Magazine. In addition, he has done research-based business and technical writing for a variety of clients including: Epicor, Infor, Oracle, NAW, NAED, and Enable International, among others. His work centers around the digitization of B2B markets, technology, and executive response to the changing environment. He covers all levels of audiences from novice, to intermediate and advanced. He is accomplished in most managerial functions and his work is recognized across many of the four dozen vertical markets in Durable Goods B2B sectors. He is the author of six books, four of which are research-based, and all have been sold globally.


Scott has a variety of business experiences from his two decades of consulting and prior work in management and executive positions with Fortune 250 companies and top North American distributors from which to draw. His ability to synthesize the needs of the client, develop effective written communication, and engage the audience gives him repeat business, over the years, from many of his clients. 

Scott has written white papers, general interest articles, specialty communications including new product introductions, research studies, and books. He has a B.A. in English and MBA from Wake Forest University. 

Some of his writing samples are below:

Prices for writing are based on number of words, amount of information gathering required, outside validation required, and regularity of assignment, if any. 



Pricing Management

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Pricing Management

-Written in 2001, this pricing book shows how to design and use a modern pricing system for buy/sell organizations.   It has been used as a standard text for collegiate schools of distribution and is still regarded as one of the leading works on the pricing discipline.  


Restructuring The Distribution Sales Effort

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Restructuring the Distribution Sales Effort for Maximum Productivity

-This 2007 publication is one of the best-selling books on distributor sales.   It breaks the sales effort down into different selling models, roles, responsibilities, and compensation to improve sales performance.  It also is a primer on basic sales efficiency techniques of time management and territory management.  


Building Value

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Building Value

-This research backed publication defines value for the wholesale organization and then goes through marketing, sales, and operating processes to maximize the value of the firm.   The book is full of examples and lists of what to do to drive return on capital and free cash flow. 


2016 E-Commerce Research

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2016 E-Commerce In Distribution And Manufacturing Research

-Read this sponsored research for distributors and manufacturers on e-commerce.  Backed by two major associations, ISA for distributors ( and MAPI for manufacturers ( these reports give critical insight into what managers need to know about e-commerce including the technology, capabilities, and changes to marketing strategy.